Hypnosis & Life Coach Services

Hypnosis and Life Coaching can change your life!

Hi, I am Colleen Moore, MSN, RN, MHA founder of Rn-Life Coaching & Hypnotherapy.

After more than 20 years as a Registered Nurse, administrator, teacher and coach, I am inspired to bring new inspiration to clients like you.

Whether you are looking to overcome an addiction, rid yourself of a bad habit or create a better life, I can help you.

My intuition, skills and unique suite of holistic methods including hypnotherapy, coaching and Reiki, accelerates personal and professional growth more rapidly than traditional hypnotherapy and coaching. Together, we can remap your mind for success so you can lead a fuller, more satisfying life!

Hypnosis and Life Coach

What you can Expect

Coaching and Hypnosis will lead you through your journey to:

Eliminate limiting and unwanted beliefs, barriers and behaviors

Remove unwanted personal habits and phobias

Be more effective professionally and personally

Achieve goals effortlessly

Communicate more easily in teams and one-on-one

Align your behaviors to match your core values

After a few sessions with RN-Life Coaching and Hypnotherapy, you can start to facilitate success in your life and your work!

LET GO OF THE PAST & OVERCOME: forefront of your mind.

These techniques, in concert with Colleen’s contagious positivity and openness, are naturally drug-free, effective and relaxing. Individuals and groups from all walks of life can benefit from this unique approach.

·          Children

·          Adults                                                      

·          Individuals wanting Personal Growth

·          Business people                                  

·          People that want Release of Personal Habits

·          Entrepreneurs                                   

·          Transitioning Men and Women

·          Healthcare professionals

In person, on the phone or via webcam, you can increase your personal and/or professional effectiveness, thereby improving your relationships and your life!


Let Go of the Past & Overcome:









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“I tailor my sessions to each individual client. It’s not a cookie cutter process. After you come in for a free consultation, we’ll talk about what you can expect.” 

Complete Monthly Group Coaching Sessions!

Now you can sign up for the coaching session of your choice. 

Each month you will receive a complete Webinar, course tools, a success calendar, resources and a workbook.

Each session is complete with everything you need to succeed.

You can sign up for one or several. This is not a recurring membership.

So only get the content you are interested in...

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