The Holistic Life Coach ~ Enhancing Mind, Body & Spirit

Have you seen the term Holistic Life Coach? Did you wonder what it was? In this article I will tell you about the differences in the unique coaching styles. I will discuss the benefits of each Coach and tell you about the different types of holistic coaches.

Much like a life coach, a holistic life coach is a person who will work with the client to achieve their desired goals. The difference between a life coach and a holistic coach is that the life coach focuses only on one desired goal but the holistic coach is interested in working with the entire person including mind, body and spirit.

So what do I mean by working with the mind, body and spirit. 


While working with the mind you and I will discover and uncover your limiting beliefs and we will work to remove them. We all have beliefs that limit us from achieving some of the things we want. That is why we don’t have everything we have ever wanted. Fortunately, it is much easier than you would think to remove these thoughts. You and I will replace those ideas with healthy, productive ones that will empower you instead of limit you.


Working with the body includes identifying unhealthy behaviors and lifestyle decisions and replacing them with healthier and more productive choices. These choices are driven by your goals. 

Maybe you want to lose weight or start an exercise routine. Perhaps you want to start a business or quit a bad habit. A holistic life coach can be just what you need.

 Maybe you have a chronic illness like high blood pressure or diabetes; I can work with you to reduce the severity of these illnesses. This is the advantage you gain working with me because I am also a Registered Nurse.

But the body does not just include the physical body; it also includes your physical state of being. Change your state and you can change your entire life. Let’s try it right now.


Sit up straight, take a deep breath and smile. No, not a half assed smile, really smile, nobody is around to see you smiling at your computer screen so give it everything you got. That’s right! Make it even bigger. Good! How do you feel? Keep smiling…and while you’re smiling try to feel angry or frustrated but don’t break the state of smiling. You can’t feel angry or frustrated because it is physiologically impossible to be in a happy state and a negative state at the same time.


Working with the spirit is the most fun because you learn to tap into that creative, wonderful higher power within yourself. You learn how you are connected to this wonderful amazing energy and how you can use that energy to become a more alive, energized, productive human being. You can learn to really become that amazing being you were always meant to be.

There are Different Types of Holistic Life Coaches 

All of the types of Holistic Life Coaching focus on mind, body and spirit but each in their own unique way.

The Spiritual Life Coach focuses more on your spiritual growth. However, you can only grow spiritually when your mind and body are instinct with your spirit.


The Neuro Linguistic (NLP) Life Coach – NLP coaches work on changing your thought patterns and limiting belief systems to achieve a full and well balanced life. NLP works by getting directly to the mental and spiritual blocks and using physical techniques to quickly remove them.

The Metaphysical Life Coach explores first what is inside you (mind and body) and then what lies outside of you (spiritual). This process is truly transformational.

The Reiki Life Coach – Reiki is a spiritual form of energy healing. The energy can be used to heal one’s self or to heal others. Reiki is an awesome experience which teaches participants how we are all connected to the divine energy that we call the higher power or universe.

Dream Sculpting – Dream sculpting is a process that is used by holistic life coaches whom have been specially trained. During this process the coach uses specific techniques to help the client achieve their dreams.

The Holistic Life Coach may use one or several of the above coaching styles to help you transform your life. Each form of coaching have many benefits and it is really up to you to decide what you really want from coaching and then to pick the Holistic Life Coach that best fits your needs.

As always, be well,


PS Here is a great example of a Holistic Life Coach in Action!

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