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I became a nurse because I wanted to help people and I wanted to promote health and wellness. I was naïve to think I was working in an industry that wanted the same things for my patients as I did.

In 25 years of nursing, I have found that health care is a very reactionary business and has very little to do with preventative care or health and wellness, especially in the United States. The United States has the highest health care costs of all nations and yet it severely under-performs ranking number 11 in the world as best places to receive health care. That is despicable!


Which countries are the healthiest?

Iceland, Sweden, Japan and Finland are among the healthiest countries in the world. Why? These countries promote health and wellness by promoting healthy diet and lifestyle. They have government policies that support a positive work/life balance and lots of outdoor activities. They promote health of the body, mind and spirit.

Why is a country like the United States that is so educated and resourceful not doing more to keep people healthy like other countries? MONEY! And who stands to gain? The Pharmaceutical Companies and the Diet Industry have the most to gain.


Pharmaceutical Industry

The global pharmaceuticals market is worth $300 billion a year, a figure expected to rise to $400 billion within three years. The 10 of the largest companies control a third of the market and six of them are based in the USA, the other four are located in Europe.

As a result of this pressure to maintain sales, there is now, in the WHO words, "an inherent conflict of interest between the legitimate business goals and manufacturers and the social medical and economical needs of the providers and their public to select and the use drugs in the most rational way.

These companies could be further a way from promoting health and wellness!

In other words, Pharmaceutical companies want you to continue to have hypertension, diabetes, cancer and so on, so that they can sell you their high priced medications. If you didn’t have these diseases, they couldn’t make money. Not to mention all the money they make from the medications that are ordered to combat the horrible side effects that accompany these drugs.

The original pharmacists and physicians (apothecaries) used plants and herbs to make medications which were safe and effective. Today’s pharmacist has learned to synthesize these plants and recreate a cheaper, less effective form of its natural state and then charge you more for the end product.


There is no disputing:

1.       Natural Remedies Cost Less


2.       Natural Remedies Have Fewer Side Effects


3.    Natural Remedies Don’t Require A Prescription


4.    Natural Remedies Are A Preventative Measure

5.   Natural Remedies Are Multi-Functional

Diet Industry

In the US alone, dieting is a 61 billion dollar industry.

Do you believe an industry that is making that much money really wants you to get thin? Why would they? If they solve the problem of obesity, they won’t make money. The diet industry counts on you failing so that you will try the next fad diet or surgical procedure.

And for every fad diet come a new set of rules. Look at the low carbohydrate industry and the low fat industry. All of a sudden there was an inundation of low fat foods when everyone went on a low fat diet. The same thing happened when low carbs was the way to go. It has now been proven that low fat foods have an increase in sugar to enhance taste and they are loaded with trans fats that are far worse for your health then the natural fat source. Low carbohydrate products were also pumped with excess fat especially trans fats.

Saturated fats have been condemned as the bad fats. But trans fats are far worse. They drive up the LDL (Bad) cholesterol which markedly increases the risk of coronary artery heart disease and stroke. According to a recent study of some 80,000 women, for every 5% increase in the amount of saturated fat a woman consumes her risk of heart disease increases by 17%. But only a 2% increase in trans fats will increase her risk of heart disease by 93%! They are killing you with their CRAP!!! And I  for one am sick and tired of them filling my head with LIES!

The other topic regarding your health that doesn’t get enough attention but can be easily managed is stress. Stress is recognized as the #1 proxy killer disease today. The American Medical Association has noted that stress is the basic cause of more than 60% of all human illness and disease.


Many countries have developed strategies to decrease the stress levels of their citizens by offering exercise plans, siestas and adequate time off from work.


According to ABC News, “Not only are Americans working longer hours than at any time since statistics have been kept, but now they are also working longer than anyone else in the industrialized world. And while workers in other countries have been seeing their hours cut back by legislation focused on preventing work from infringing on private life, Americans have been going in the other direction.”

Our goal should be to cut the stress of the American people not to increase it. Yet the country is setting up legislature which requires employers to cut hours, benefits and the ability to make a satisfactory income to support a family. American’s are working longer hours for less pay and only 25% are taking any type of vacation time. People need time to relax, time to have fun and time to spend with their loved ones. This is so important for physical and emotional wellbeing. Other ways to reduce stress include, exercise, meditation, hypnotherapy and aromatherapy.

What can you and I do?

Well, I started researching ways to stay healthy. First I wanted to find out all the areas of our current health care that can create more harm than good. I wanted to weed out all the junk that you and I have been programmed to believe is good for us. Then I became a certified Registered Nurse, Health and Wellness Coach so that I could bring you the information that was detrimental to your overall health and then provide you with what I have found to be the best practices to stay healthy and avoid illness. These practices include the health of your mind, body and spirit. I believe all three have to be healthy for you to be in a true state of wellbeing.

What is a Health and Wellness Coach?

Health and Wellness

A Health and Wellness Coach is someone who is trained to help you achieve the optimum level of health no matter your age, weight, physical condition or motivation. Yes even motivation! Together we break through the walls that hold you back from accomplishing the things you want.

Health and Wellness Coaching is a systematic approach to achieving the best possible health using natural, complimentary, holistic therapies. You will discover many alternatives for leading a healthy life style within the pages of this site.

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Nurse Entrepreneur Success Plan 

I started my own business about two years ago after leaving a long term position as a Director of a Medical/Surgical/Oncology Unit. I had always wanted to own my own business but didn’t know what or even if I could? I wanted to have a health and wellness business as a Registered Nurse. I soon found out that working as a Nurse Entrepreneur is not something you are taught in nursing school, nor is it something that you can find a lot of information about on the internet.

Most of my research turned up ideas for Advanced Practice Nurses. The ideas for an RN without an advanced degree were hard to find. I came across Legal Nurse Consulting as the most popular independent business for nurses but the certification can be pricey and it is hard to get a big enough cliental to make it a lucrative business.

Through my research I discovered Life Coaching. I had never heard of this before but it intrigued me. You don’t have to be a nurse to be a life coach but I thought I could probably use being an RN to my advantage. I also have a strong love for natural and alternative therapies. So I put it all together to become a health and wellness life coach.

Why leave a well paying nursing career to start a business of your own?

I left the hospital because I didn’t want to work in an atmosphere where nurses are constantly being put in difficult situations. You are being pushed to take care of more patients than is physically safe. You are forced into 12 hour shifts. The acuity of your patients is much higher than it used to be but you are given less tools to get the job done. Nurses are constantly being judged on whether or not they are nice enough and provided the same services a five star hotel would provide. You have to put up with obnoxious physicians and administrators who don’t care about anything but the bottom line. You have to work under the scrutiny of several regulatory agencies. But what alternative do you have?

Actually more than you think. As a Nurse, you have the ability to start your own business. There are thousands of ways that a Registered Nurse can practice on her own and she doesn’t have to have an advanced degree. As a matter of fact there are many nurse entrepreneurs who only have a two year degree in nursing.

I started the Nurse Entrepreneur Success Plan to help nurses break free from the grueling shifts, unreasonable demands and the daily frustrations. It took me two years but I have done all the research for you, created all the tools you will need and will show you how to set up a successful business plan.

Why? I want to give back to a profession that has given me so much. I want to share my knowledge with you. Why recreate the wheel if you don’t have too?

This site is full of great resources for nurses who want to start their own business. Whether you just want a part time venture for some extra cash or you want to become a full-time Nurse Entrepreneur, this site is for you.

Besides exploring the site…There are two ways to find out more about Health and Wellness Coaching and Nurse Entrepreneur Success Plan.

The first way is to email me by using the form below and I will send you more information specifically targeted toward your request.

The second way you can find out more about Holistic Coaching is to call me directly @ 941-875-5181 for a complimentary 30 minute session where you can decide for yourself if Life Coaching is right for you.

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